Monday, June 02, 2008

Life is Unexpected

I never thought after school life would be tough. Not just about studies, but life in general. Especially when it comes to relationships, or having feelings for someone. I always thought it was easy, but today i see many people having this problem called "a one way thing". A one way thing is just as painful as break ups. I have friends who emo until they have no mood for anything and some that are strong enough to move on with life. We may see many couples around now a days, but no matter how many couples we see, the chances of liking someone that will like you back is not very high. This is based on what i 've seen and experienced.
Since after high school life has been tough for me, especially when it comes to boy girl relationships. Well mine was not really a relationship but something did happen. At first i liked a guy who did not feel the same, of course i have to try to move on. Thank God i did. Next i met someone, who treated me really nice, sweet and it just feels good. But how unlucky after a while things changed. It felt more like being played? So yeah... and now... there's another one, that made me like him. But i strongly doubt he feels the same about me, so therefore i have to try to let go too. I know people say dont give up so easily, but its better to give up now then having more feelings for him and harder to let go later on.
I had a conversation with a good friend of mine, the things he said woke me up. Later on in the night i had another conversation on the phone with my younger brother. He told me a lot of things, and he kept repeating "guys are bad people, they are meant to cheat girls". That caught my attention. So guess what? From now onwards, i'm not going to be so easy on guys, ok i believe not all guys are like what my brother has told me. But guys/assholes that cheat girls to get into their pants or just for fun? F*** you! Sorry i dont usually swear, is just that i'm so fed up with assholes like that. What did girls do to deserve this? I know some girls played you in the past but that's HER. Every girl are different dammit! Even though i was played but i still dont play guys. Gosh you guys have no heart!
That's all for tonight, will update it soon! =)

Friday, December 14, 2007

I played sports!

After like dont know how many years i finally played a sport! The last time i played a sport was like few months ago but it felt like forever! I last played badminton with Wei Luun, Pang Ban and Verene...
This time i played with the KLB and the 2 gorgeous Tiffany and Sze Mun. Now my body is aching! I suppose its because i did not warm up but i hardly moved anyway!

My right arm hurts and sometimes it shakes... grrr...
The club that we went to were pretty nice.... the shower has hot water!!! Ok excuse me for that because i dont go to sports club, i dont even play sports!
But after badminton we went to play "basketball" well i cant play for nuts so i ended up cam whoring instead....

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Ok after basketball we went back to the club to head the showers....
I gotta say it feels GREAT after shower. Before that we were so sticky and all... it was so nice that i could just sleep.
I havent felt like this for sometime because i hardly sweat this much hehe...
After showers we went to eaaaaaaaat..... and that dog kept on poking me! Doggg stop ittt!

AFter dinner we went to buy drugss... *smilesss*

Hahaa nola the boys went to get some alcohol for the party and i just followed... played snooker next... i was too tired to play anything... at last i felt like going home so i did... hehee... that's about it!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Semester Break

Weee.... Finals are over! I'm so gladddd...

For this entire semester i have been stressing, not getting enough sleep and so on. Oh well it's partly my fault too... hehe but it's so hectic! There were times when i felt like crying.
During exams, i had so much that i want to do and hoping for finals to hurry up and finish. Buttttt.... after finals i dont feel the kick anymore. Oh well... but i'll be busy with p24 too...

Oh yeah people! Please come for Pack the floor for 24! It's a 24 hours dance marathon. No you're not going to dance for 24 hours! In fact it's impossible, there'll be performances and other workshops... =) Food will be provided and it's only RM 35 for a whole 24 hours including food. Bring your friends along! IF you're interested please let me know and i'll get you registered!
We have star guest Hannah Tan... woooo.... so bring your friends yeah!
This is a first time in Malaysia and its for charity! Think about the kids!

Time: 7 pm to 7pm
Venue: Securities Commission KL
Date: 12 and 13 of January

Ok back to my story...
I was supposed to go for my Yf camp, but because p24 have no time so i stayed back to help out as much as i can. Besides that, i do nothing! Except for movies and other plans i have with friends. Oh yeah i've been craving to watch Enchanted... i expected it to be really funny but after watching it i thought it was just alright. It's funny in some ways and bimbo-ish. =)
I didnt expect the story line to be like that but it wasn't bad anyway! =) Sweet too so catch it!

My mom has been nagging me to clear my room but im just sooooooo lazy... and i have other plans. Christmas is coming but i'm not in the mood yet i dont know why. I feel like shopping for clothes but no money. Life really sucks at times. Sigh...

Oh well, this semester break isnt very long anyway, but when sem3 starts... im dead again! Alright that's all for now... see ya!

Oh yea come for P24 ok? Bring your friends! =)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Long long day...

Hey hey another longggg day... hmm let's see, this time, i woke up at 6.30am, got ready and so on by 7.15am. Waited for Kah Fei... while waiting... i walk around and laze around. 7.30am, he still hasn't called me, so i gave him a ring... and he just woke up. Lol!!!! Anyways waited till like 8 something he told me to come out and so i did. We were 40 minutes late for class... so mind as well not enter cause attendance wont be taken.

So while waiting for my friends to get out of the class... we sat at the side near the corridor... after class, i called Charis, but before she could answer, i saw her walking at the other side of the building. I was like! "EHhhh... how come you came out from that side?". Charis was like "we skipped class". Lol... at least i know i'm not the only one. According to my darling Zazzy... our gang didnt turn up for class. Lol... interesting. Oh well we hung out there and after that went to ALI MAJU for our brunch. After that Sam, Kevan and i played foos... for quite long.

At 12.30pm, i had Advance English class, knowing me (i'm studious) i went for class. After class i had Psychology and my GOSH!!! The assignments, reports and stuff are killers!!! Well i gotta get used to this anyway but still!!! I felt stress the moment Mr Lazaroo told us our assessments.
After psy i was hungry again, saw Ashvina, Naina and Stephanie, we went to ali maju AGAIN. After that we went for Lan... Malaysian Studies = boring..., =/

During LAN, i was super bored that i tried to snap some pictures of my friends... and here they are:

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Ashhy "studying" or thinking or "ahem"

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

i thought milan was concentrating till he looked at me....

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thought he was studious... lol.

After that our lecture gave us break... supposed to be 30 mins break but i think we took about an hour! Lol... while we were outside... sitting on the floor, my eyes caught something that i HAD to show u.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Julian peeking to see if the lecturer is busy.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Then he went and check the other class to make sure the lecturer is busy.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
My gosh, then he took out some drugs! He's taking drugs!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Sandeep then came and joined him....

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Oh shit... they caught me.... >.<> to eat. Another mamak??? is a mamak day seriously. I'm so sick of it already. Oh well... after eating i went to BV to get my keys then headed to the BSC (Sports complex) and the guys were jumping around. Lolll... and we started craving for Ice creams so we headed to MCDS next.

Heee heee...

Then we started fooling around and stuff... here are some pics:

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Justin, doing what he does best... (annoy ppl)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Isaac, reading about himself on the newspaper.

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uh oh... girlfriend alert! (they had a sweet conversation)


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uh oh... boyfriend alert! (they had an argument...)

That's all... see ya!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New insane!

When i woke up at 6 this morning, i felt pretty excited to get back to college. But i was also very tired because i only had 3 hours of sleep. I couldn't sleep last night... and i do not know why. All i know is that i was trying and forcing myself to sleep but it was difficult.
It's not because i was excited, i was excited last night... i was just normal. Usually when i cant sleep, i text message people. Text messaging helps me sleep in some way. Weird i know hehe...
I know my eyes are gonna look like panda due to the lack of sleep, so i was so lazy to dress up.
Left the house, and reached college in time.

Guess what was my timetable:
8.00am-9.30am ~ Critical Thinking (Early in the morning? I'm not sure if i can think)
9.30am-11.00am ~ Psychology (Wasn't so bad, cause it was Mr. Lazaroo teaching!)
11.00am-12.30pm ~ Marketing (My gosh, the class was pack! so many students!)
12.30pm-2pm ~ Advanced English (It wasn't that bad, but i was damn sleepy)

See what a tiring and hectic day. The best part is, this timetable is the same as Tuesday's timetable, how nice isn't it? Not only that, all my classes starts at 8am!!! Thank God Wednesday is at 11am and it's only 1 class.
Ok let me go on, after class i went for lunch at KFC... then after that my friends and i went back to college because my friends have class and i'm the only that doesn't!!! So i joined Charis. My gosh, it was so boring!!! So i left the class and take Charis' magazine with me to DSA.

I was concentrating on the magazine until i didn't realize a human being walking towards me. Hehe it was my friend. ThankGod he was there at least got someone to talk to. So we just chat and chat and chat and it's 5!
At 5pm, we had meeting for pack the floor for 24 and it ended at about 7pm. Charis sent Juju, Lily and i to Juju's house then from there Juju sent me home. They came to my house and lepak a while then went off.

Yeap so that's my day for today and tomoro will be the same but hopefully better.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Crazy Night

I had a crazy night on friday. It was Yi Lin's birthday and we went to Delicious for dinner.
Gosh, i love the Carbonara... yummyy....
Anyways, i met some new people, all of them are from A-Levels, lucky me i wasn't the only HMC student. HEhe...

While i was walking to the restaurant, i felt pain at the back of my feet.
Gosh that shoe gave me a blister!!
At the restaurant, Christine was kind enough to get me plasters.

After dinner, we went to TSB (Telawi Street Bistro).
I dont drink, so when i was looking at the menu, i was blur!!!
I shared the Vodka Lime with Christine, and took a few sips from other people! Hehe...
I also had 1 Tequila Shot...
I didn't feel anything after that, so i continued drinking the Vodka, and ordered another one more for myself. Then i felt something, hmm... i felt a lil dizzy but not drunk. Then we went dancing.... =)

Dancing made me thirsty, so had another beer... and got worst? I was ALERT alright!
Lin looked pretty drunk as she was saying weird stuff and she kinda slept on the chair for a while...

So after that we went home, it was crazy but fun! Hehe... i could still walk properly, just that i was really high...
Went back to Chris' place and had some girl talk before we both slept off...

Here are some pictures, dont have the rest yet but will update as soon as i get them.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Me and Chris before....

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Me and Chris after... (look at her red cheeks... =))

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Charley and I...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Long Day

I woke up at around 10 ish this morning, feeling very tired and sleepy. I forced myself up and got ready. I am supposed to be at Mid Valley by 11 am, but because i know my friends aren't that punctual, i took my time and didn't rush at all. I had a very light breakfast, half boiled egg. I thought we will be eating but they weren't hungry. But it's ok, it doesn't matter. Anyway... i left home, got a cab, and went to MV.

WLuun and Wlin were at Arcade when i reached there. When i went into the arcade, i found them racing... i stood behind them quietly. Suddenly when Wlin saw me, she got shocked. Haha... she said i was scary for standing behind them without any sound. Since it's hungry ghost festival, Wlin is a lil paranoid. I did not want to play the racing game... but they forced me! Hehe.. oh well played anyway. After arcade, i went around to look for a gift for my friend since it's her birthday tomorrow. I walked around and around not knowing what to get her, but thank God i got something anyway... hehe... After that we met up with PB. We went for poooool!!!! Hehehe... when Wlin and i are a team, we usually win. We may have lost a few times but most of the time we win!! hahaha don't know why LOL... maybe cause she's really good in pool. Lucky me!

After pool we went back to arcade again. This time PB played racing with us... and i cant remember who got first and all.... then played the shooting game, then i tried to catch those soft toys although i know the chances of getting one is 1/10. Then we played this game where u have to spot the difference of 2 pictures... that was pretty interesting. Hehe... and we tried another game... that gift machine thing where u can win hand phones and stuff.. Well although we know the chances of getting something in that game is 2/100, but we tried anyway. It's just for fun... heheh.

Nothing else we could do, so PB drove us back to college and had lunch there. I had LAN class today, and we finished early!!! WTH again? It's like bringing me to college for nothing! Anyways had LAN class and bought a chocolate sundae after class. I was so tired so i decided to get home early. BUTTTT it was so difficult to get a CAB! There were so many people around and they are all waiting for cabs... I realize that every time when a cab passes by there are people inside. That moment, i know it's impossible to get a cab standing there, so i walked to the front and thank God! I got a cab. While i was in the cab, passing those people, i thought in my mind, "how stupid can they be?" hehehe meanie me... but it's the fact. A man was standing there catching cabs since don't know when!!! Hehehehe... anyways got home, relaxed a while.

Then my mom came home and asked what we want for dinner... I was nice enough to offer to drive her to get dinner. I wanted to drive! Hehehee... yeah so i drove out and home. I'm getting the hang of the wheel now. And driving feels good... well at least for now. I know sooner or later I'll get bored and tired of it. Hehe... had dinner and now I'm here updating this blog. Because I'm bored!